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Friday, November 17, 2006


Wow, this must be the busy time of year! There isn't much blogging going on lately.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. There is just a special feeling when you set aside a whole day to ponder the things you are thankful for (and the food is an added bonus!) This year will be extra special. My parents returned home from their mission to Japan a month ago and this will be the first time I'll see them.

The Challenge
I've been going to the same gym now for about 3 years. It is wonderful. A quick and easy workout that actually makes a difference in my shape. A few times a year the owner does what she calls "The Challenge". Those who want to join "The Challenge", do an initial weight and measurement check and put money into the pot. Every pound gained costs you a dollar, every weight missed costs a dollar. Then at the end of a specified time period (usually 3 months), the one who lost the most body fat wins all the money in the pot. I've never joined a challenge before figuring why waste the money. This year is the year I really want to take off those excess baby pound (aka bread dough) so I joined the holiday challenge. Has it motivated me to eat and exercise better; not really. Has it increased my guilt; 100%. Still I figure not gaining weight during the holidays is an achievement all on its own. Wish me luck!

Another Dilemma
Where in the heck am I going to put a Christmas tree! Anyone who has been to my house recently, know I have way too much furniture. We have very little space for walking or sitting let alone a whole 6 ft tree and gifts. Maybe we'll plant one in the front yard...

To All
If I don't see or heard from you in the near future, "Happy Holidays!"

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  1. You are a good and interesting writer. I enjoy reading you. So write more often!