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Monday, January 29, 2007


Recently my nephews introducted my family to a website called "". I abhor video games. There are sooo many other things I would rather be doing (anything productive) or I'd rather just be sleeping. Taylor and Larry love all the games. Larry is too little to understand that each game has its own set of controller keys. He mostly bangs on the keys or wants to have his own turn by letting (or making) some one "help" him. Yesterday, I just did not have the time to sit and tell him all the keys to press so I was looking around trying to find a game that he could play on his own. Instead I found this. I am addicted. The game is absolutely pointless. There aren't cool graphics and you can play with only one finger. I think it is the way the score keeper taunts me. I'll feel like I'm doing really good and my score ends up "C- bad effort". Bad Effort? How do they know how much effort I put into staying alive that measly 39 seconds! My high score so far is "C+ not bad". How incredibly irritating is that? Who comes up with these games anyway? People with too much time on their hands. Then there is me. I have no time to waste, but where have I sat for the past 45 minutes? Right here, trying to avoid all the other stupid balls on the page!

Enough of that, on to other things.

The baby is doing much better. He seems to have caught a very mild case of RSV. We still had a few scary days with a high fever and coughing so hard he would throw up. His nose so stuffy he had a hard time eating. He wasn't hositalized and now everyday he improves. I think he will come off the nebulizer in the next day or two.

A month or so ago a we ran out of wood. A friend of ours recommended a guy to buy wood from. We ordered 2 cords hoping to have some left over to use next year. Well the guy came to drop off the wood today. I knew right way that it wasn't the 2 cords we asked for. He said he only brough 1 1/2 today and he would bring the rest tomorrow. He didn't stack it so I couldn't tell how much was really there. When Joey came home and stacked it there was only 1/2 a cord there. The guy was trying to pass 1/2 a cord off as 1 1/2! I called him and told him he didn't give us enough wood and of course he swear up and down that there was no way he only brought 1/2 a cord. He wanted to come measure it himself. I said that was fine. I few minutes later he called and Joey answered the phone. As soon as he heard a male voice, he was all apologetic and promised he make sure to bring the rest of the wood tomorrow. Just thought he could take advantage of little ol' me. Like I don't know how much a cord of wood is or something.

Homeschooling is going rather well. I think I enjoy it more than Taylor. He really likes his new school though. His teacher is awesome. I've never seen anyone handle so many difficult personalities so well. She amazes me. I love being involved in what and how Taylor is learning. I'm glad to have him home more, too. He helps a lot with the baby.

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  1. Lacey, now you've got me addicted to that dumb game!!!! See you Saturday!