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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eating for Life

So there are a lot of women in my ward who decided to do the Body for Life diet as a New Year's resolution. Good for them. As for me, I am sick and tired of dieting. I'd like to make small changes that in the end add up to a life style change. Body for Life is actually the most practical thing I've found so far, and trust me I've looked a lot of places. Anyway while talking to a friend who is on this diet, she mentioned a cook book by the same author. She had tried one of the recipes and liked it. Well I'm not much of a dieter, but I'm all for good food so I checked the Eating for Life book out from the library. The first half of it is an overview of the diet and the last half all recipes. Full page pictures of delicious looking food enticed me to actually try some recipes. I LOVE them! So far there isn't one I've tried that my whole family hasn't loved. After a full week of Eating for Life dinners, I asked Joey if he liked my diet food. Shocked he said, "Is that what I'm eating?" My pickiest eater, Larry, eats it up without any complaints. I ended up buying the book. It was rather expensive. Healthy food that my whole family will eat is definitely worth it! Each recipe has a serving recommendation so I try to only make enough servings for my family. Then we don't over eat either. It is amazing how little food fills you up when it tastes good. Most of the ingredients are practical things I would normally have in my pantry anyway.

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