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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Applesauce, anyone?

Jars Everywhere!

Has anyone spent 14 hours a day canning for two days and actually liked it? I guess it is possible. This weekend I spent my time canning applesauce with Jerry, Jenn, and DeNae. ALL of my time. I started both days at 7 and worked till 9. There were so many apples. The pictures don't do it justice. There are very few breaks while canning and my back and feet were killing me by the time we were done; or at least what we decided was done. We didn't end up using all the apples. No one was in the mood for one more day! It felt a bit like cheating to me. I've never left a canning project unfinished before. One of my pet peeves is not getting things done. That's my only issue with cleaning my house. I can clean and clean and clean and it never, ever gets done. We used Jenn's product and my "facilities," as it were. My oven will never be the same again. Such a mess! I took a little siesta right at clean up time, a nice perk for allowing the mess at my house. Jenn is great about making the house cleaner when she leaves than it was when she arrived. I really appreciate it. These pictures are of the halfway point. In the end we canned over 130 quarts of applesauce. If we had made it as thick as DeNae wanted it, it would have been a lot more. The thicker it is the less jars to process. Sometimes less it more.

Half done, yahoo!
Jenn, Joey, and Jerry making a mess in MY kitchen!
Filling the jars is messy business.
Nastiness into pan one, delicious applesauce into pan two.
More nasty leftovers. Great for the garden!
Some of the baskets ready for the second half of canning.
Apples in the tub waiting to get squished.


  1. WOW!! I actually like canning, but only the end result.

  2. Looks like you guys had FUN! Hope the tongs helped. The kit also came with a a wide mouthed funnel which it looks like you could have used here. They should have them again next year. Hey, you should enter your stuff into the state fair. Take care.

  3. The tongs were great and we did need the funnel, but Joey is the king of improvising! I love canning, too. I truly enjoy it; mess, work and all. This amount is a bit over the top for me, though.