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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I've been tagged

I know, I've been tagged several times, lol, and I'm just getting around to doing it...


What is his name? Joey or Nathan or Josie, which ever you like. (I used to call him Sugarbum until someone told me it just didn't fit.)
How long have you been married? 8 yrs and 3ish months
Who eats more? Considering that I also eat breakfast and lunch, I suppose I do.
How long did you date? We dated for 3 months before we got engaged. We were engaged for 6 months.
How old is he? 29
Who said I love you first? Joey- in 7th grade
Who is taller? Josie
Who sings better? Joey has an excellent voice, he just doesn't like people to know.
Who is smarter? Absolutely depends on the subject. Money- me, Joey- everything else
Whose temper is worse? Joey's by far, but the longer we're together the more I close the gap!
Who does the laundry? Me
Who does the dishes? and again, Me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I always sleep closest to the door or the phone! I just can't stand it any other way.
Who mows the lawn? That would be me and I LOVE doing it! I won't give Joey a turn...
Who cooks dinner? Me except for Sundays, those are my days off. Joey takes care of the kids and the food.
Who kissed who first? Joey tried hard for a few weeks and thanks to Jenn, I finally let him.
Who asked who out? Joey asked me out and stood me up about 4 times in a row. Good thing he finally showed up when I decided it was his last chance.
Who proposed? After dating for two weeks Joey said (and I quote), "I'm going to ask you to marry me, but not until I know you'll say yes." A few months later we were sitting in the car and I said," So when are you going to ask me?" SO his next sentence was a proposal.
Who has more friends? Definitely Joey, he is so yellow.
Who is more sensitive? Me- except for with the kids. I can only take so much whining.
Who has more siblings? Oh My goodness! Joey with 14!
Who wears the pants? I try hard to let Joey, but I am such a control freak!


1. I hiked the Grand Canyon when I was 16. It was beautiful and I highly recommend it!
2. I've only kissed 5 guys, who shall remain nameless, in my whole life. (Writing it down makes it seem like a lot. I wonder how I compare to others? Hmmm.)
3. I LOVE scrapbooking stuff, but rarely scrapbook.
4. I would rather clean a toilet than scrub a bathtub or mop a floor.
5. After 10pm everything in my life suddenly gets silly.
6. If I could spend my time doing anything in the world it would be either reading or family history work.
7. I HATE wearing shoes. I take them off entering anyone's home and walk around barefoot outside a lot. My kids don't wear shoes until they can walk.

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