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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anyone need a little motivation?

Go here! Trust me it will make you feel better!

So anyways, I'm feeling a bit better now. I don't think we will find Taylor's bike and the insurance won't cover it. Overall I think things will turn out ok in the end. Joey felt awful. I think he is more upset than Taylor. It is just so awful that someone would take away something that obviously belonged to a child. Joey's bike was right there next to Taylor's. It is worth a lot more but harder to get away with.

The most upsetting part to me was that it happened in the middle of the day, with me home and no one noticed anything. I've always thought that I'm very observant. Guess not. I was wandering around cleaning the house while Larry and Rachel played in the front room. I actually was having a great day. Feeling good about everything I was getting done. My neighbors were home all day and no one saw anything. I'm kinda nervous about being home alone now...Joey is going on the Klondike next weekend. Hopefully I'll be better by then.

Other than that, things are great and life is good! Hope everyone is having a good evening!

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  1. Sorry again Lace, it is scary that it happened in the middle of the day. Weird, but then again, our trampoline blew into the neighbors yard and I had no clue until I told the kids to go out and jump on it and it wasn't there. The boys are gonna freeze their buns off up their. I told Travis he better pack heavy. Have a better day.