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Monday, February 02, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Taylor competed in his first pinewood derby this last month. He had a blast and placed 4th in his division. It was a lot of fun watching Joey and him work so hard together. It pleased me how much he was able to do by himself if Joey showed him how. Taylor chose to make his car a truck carrying motorcycles in the bed. Anyone surprised about that? It turned out very realistic looking.
Yep, that is the same track I remember Jerry running his car on many, many years ago. It still has the same rough spot where two pieces of the track are screwed together. The right lane is still faster than the left.
Long after the racing was over Taylor and Larry were busy running their cars down the track over and over and over. In fact Larry ran his one last time while the track was being torn apart.

The blue car in this picture belong to Jakob. He won 1st in their division.

Next year Joey is planning on making his own car. He had so much fun with design and fabrication of this one.


  1. This was such a fun day! My mil said that her ward did a ward activity where ANYONE could make a car and they made a night of it...sound like fun?

  2. yay for taylor {and larry}. i like taylor's' so him. and congrats on 4th place, that's awesome.

    about tax season, i start looking forward to it in september too.