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Friday, February 06, 2009

The votes are in...

Yesterday the hiring committee had their meeting. Joey found out today, they voted to graduate him (finally), but stale mated on whether to hire or not. So stupid! So now the decision to hire or not rests in the hands of the next level of management up. Joey has no idea what that manager is going to do. The good news is he's going to get his journeyman card. The bad news, he doesn't feel well trained enough or qualified enough to advertise himself as a journeyman if he had to look for another job. *Sigh*

At least he is a union member. The union is going to work hard to keep him at Sandia even if it isn't in the machine shop. A woman was hired there last year just because she is woman, not because she was good at the job. If Joey doesn't get hired, the union is talking about a reverse discrimination law suit. I hate politics...The man has worked hard for 6 years in a 4 year program. That is a lot of time not only for him to have invested, but for the company to invest in him. Hire him already! There are plenty of other departments that WANT him if you don't!

1 comment:

  1. oh the frustration of work, school, etc!! we really hope he gets it. GO JOEY!!!!