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Friday, April 03, 2009

Its Official

Joey is now property of the US Government...

I'm still not sure exactly how I feel about it. I do know that every time I think about him in the Army I get sick to my stomach and start to cry.

There are so many benefits that I look forward to: sign on bonuses, free health care, paid schooling, paid housing, etc. This is just a huge change to how we thought we'd be spending the rest of our lives three weeks ago. I'm having a hard time making the mental shift. I honestly thought Joey would retire from Sandia and that we would live in Edgewood forever. Now we'll be moving at least every three years... The adventure part is exciting. I can adapt to new things rather quickly, but I worry about the kids. How is it going to affect them to move to new schools so often? Are they going to withdraw or become more social and make friends easier? How is it going to affect them to have Joey gone so much? Right now I'm just trying to have faith that there is a plan and that everything will work out in the end. This might end up being the best thing that has ever happened to us...

Joey leaves for basic training August 3. He'll be in Oklahoma for that. Then he'll go to Alabama for the next 48 weeks. We are going to try and see if the kids and I can move there with him. Some captains say its ok, some don't. I'm not used to our living situation being up in the air like that. I might be here, or there, or somewhere completely different. I hate not being able to plan. At least he'll be here for a few months after the baby is born. I insisted on that.

Now we wait and see.


  1. Well that does shed some light on what you've been going through. Trust in that plan, Lacey, hold on to your faith like a life line. I am sure that you were not led to this decision lightly. If there is anything at all I can do to help, name it and it is yours.

  2. Good luck. You are right, this just may end up being the best decision ever. It will all work out one way or another, wishing you the best.

  3. Wow! I'm sure your nerves are shot, but have faith and everything will be fine! I believe that! Kids are actually quite resiliant to these kinds of situations (especially the younger ones) and will find their own ways of dealing with it, just let them know that you and their daddy love them no matter what happens or wherever you are! You're in our prayers!