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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elephant Butte

In April we took a little family trip to Elephant butte. We had so. much. fun! Joey had invited several other guys to go, but they all canceled at the last minute. He had promised the kids he would take them and didn't want to go back on his word. He didn't want to take them alone though so I told him I would go (even though it was the end of April and technically I could have gone into labor at any minute.) I thought the water would be too cold and didn't bring swimsuits. Turns out all the kids wanted to do was play on the beach and in the water.

Taylor tore it up every time he got a chance to drive. In this picture he is driving 50-60 mile per hour. Crazy kid. The boat worked perfectly. We explored all over. I liked to see how many different kinds of birds there were. It was also fun to watch the fish finder and see what was floating under and around the boat.

Da Boys.
Larry is hiding behind the cooler in the boat trying to keep out of the wind.

I'm not sure what they were looking at but it must have beeen important.

We had a pretty secluded area of beach. The sand was wonderful. The lake was smooth as glass. The tent kept us toasty warm. I slept surprisingly well for as pregnant as I was.

We went to one bait shop that had fish heads hanging all over the fence. They fascinated the kids. Mostly because of this. I didn't take a picture. They were nasty.

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