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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

painting rooms in Edgewood

I guess I didn't take any before pictures. This is the bathroom. Let me describe the before for you. Close your eyes...go on now don't make me wait...Now think of a bottle of Pepto Bismal poured all over the walls slowly drizzling until all is covered. You know Pepto, "the only one that coats is the only thing you need." The walls are now well imagine the door closed. How exactly do you feel now? Ya me too. That's why we painted. This blue is beautiful and so calming. I love it!
This is the before/during of the boys play room.

The Sisters painting the boy's Spiderman room. It turned out great. Unfortunately, we had to repaint only 2 months later. We could have never gotten done what had to get done without everyone's help! Thanks!

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