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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lilly's Blood Specialist

So we went to see the specialist...Lilly does NOT have spherocytosis. After telling us that Lilly is slightly anemic (on the very slight side) she asked us why else we were there. When we, fully convinced, told her that Lilly had Spherocytosis, she gave us a funny looked and asked us why we would think that. The Specialist seemed a little shocked that our pediatrian told us she did. We were told that our doctor would not only receive a report, but also a phone call. The pediatrian hasn't called us since then. I'm not planning on taking Lilly back until her 12 month check up. Her color still isn't great and she is still very small so I'm going to ask for her heart to be checked. I'm not worried about her the way I was with Taylor though. Her behavior is so normal.


  1. Well that's good news, right? I hope you get all your answers and that it turns out she is in perfect health!

  2. Prayer works! I am so glad for you guys. Getting her heart checked is a good idea too, but I hope everything turns out well. We'll continue to pray for her!