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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter time

Tonight we did an activity that my sister in law Amber told us about several years ago. Its a treat that helps discuss the true meaning of Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Its simple, fun, and tastes good too!

What you need:

Large marshmallows
Crescent rolls
melted butter

The marshmallows represent the body of Christ. We talked about how white is a sign of purity and that Christ was pure and perfect.

The Crescent rolls represent the linens that Christ's body was wrapped in to prepare for burial.

The melted butter represents the burial oils and the cinnamon and sugar represent the burial spices.

First you anoint the body with oil and spices. Then you wrap it in the linens. Next you place it in the tomb (oven). We made a big deal of placing it in the tomb. We rolled a gigantic (imaginary) rock in front of the oven door. Bake as directed on crescent roll packaging. We also made a big deal of opening the tomb and discovering that the body of Christ was no longer in its linen wrappings. He had risen and lives again!

As I put Kenny to bed tonight he said, "Mom I don't feel so good. I think I ate too much Jesus..."

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