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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day in the life of...ME!

So it is 11 am-ish and I'm sitting at the computer reading everyone elses' blogs, all of the sudden I look around and start reflecting on my day. Writing it down helps me realize how blessed I am.

7:30 Fed Taylor, made sure his teeth and face are clean. Sent him to school around 8 after a talk about "why you can't just stay home from school whenever you want".

8:30 My house is already full of other peoples' children.

9:00 Songs from "Dora the Explorer" are running through my head even though we havn't watched that show in days. For some reason I can't remember any "adult" music.

10:00 I've changed several diapers, taken out the trash, cleaned the kitty litter (lovely), deep cleaned the laundry room and am anticipating the bathroom, dusting and (sigh) the boys' room. My table and counters are clean.

10:30 I do a quick Turbo Jam workout, with four children copying my every move. Sometime in the middle Larry and Rachel have it out about whose mom I really am. I step on as few toes as possible...

11:00 Larry is "sweeping" for me. Rachel wants more candy. Isaac has a glow in the dark sketeton. Noni can't get the door to closed right. Kenny is drooling down my arm. My main rooms are a mess, but I'm content to know that at one point they were clean. The kids will stay 'till 4 then I'm off to the gym! I can always deal with the mess tomorrow...

Life is good.

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