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Friday, November 03, 2006

Unrighteous judgments

When I was in high school I babysat for a wonderful family. Great kids, nice parents, and they worked around my schedule. There was only one catch: the house was always a mess. Dirty laundry everywhere, clean laundry everywhere, dishes in the sink, etc. After I put the kids to bed, I would pick up and just try to help out. I always had this underlying feeling that if she just tried hard enough she could keep up or that being clean wasn't a priority. I remember distinctly saying to myself, "my house will never look like this."

I have a babysitter coming to my house tonight. As I survey my rooms I find dirty laundry everywhere, clean laundry everywhere, and yes...Dirty dishes in the sink (and everywhere else). With all the other things I have to think about today there is no way that my house will be clean when she gets here. I am sad and embarrassed to know that people come over and see my house like this all the time. I'm even more sad and embarrassed that I judged the woman I babysat for so wrong. I know now that she was probably doing the best she could in the situation she was in.


  1. At least you're smart enough now to recognize the mistakes of the past. It's only human to say "that won't be me." It's much harder to admit "that is me, and I was wrong." What's more remarkable in my mind is that even though you felt she could have done more back then, you were still willing to pitch in and help when that wasn't what you were being paid for. It sounds just like you!

  2. Ah Sarah, you are so sweet!

  3. Oh Lacey... your the best. I grew up in a house quite the opposite. My mother had to have the house clean spic and span everyday. White glove tests, frustrations and fights over priorities. Plans ruined or completely canceled because of the appearance of the house.
    I remember a particular day when the young women’s were coming over to capture me (a surprise) my mom had been warned and immediately came upstairs to tell me I needed to clean my room we had company coming over. Mind you my bed wasn't made and there might have been a few clothes on my floor (like socks). Not understanding why my bedroom had to be perfect she ruined the whole surprise so I would understand and do as I was told so her house wouldn't ever be described in a negative way.
    Now I scramble to tidy things up when I know people might be coming and I stress about what others might think of me. I wish I could live at Lacey's sometimes where I can relax no matter how things are and be appreciated when I help tidy up. I say it doesn’t matter as much as it seems and strive to teach my instincts that.