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Thursday, June 21, 2007

putting the "FUN" in dysfunctional

The perfect theme for our DeBuck Family Reunion that we attended this year. Joey's family is both fun and dysfunctional. With 13 kids in the family how can it be anyway else? All of the kids (except one) were in attendance this year. Asa wasn't able to come. His wife Heather is pregnant with their 8th child. She also has a heart condition that causes heart attacks. She's had 2 already during the pregnancy. All the kids and their kids- 50 of us in all. When we get together we tend to take over the place. We occupied all the cabins and some of the motel type rooms. It was like having our own wing to ourselves. The kids had plenty of room to play and they played hard. Joey took his bike and terrorized the "neighbors". At one point a cop showed up, but Joey wasn't doing anything wrong so the cop didn't even stop to talk to him. The managers of the lodge were called instead. That put an end to his shenanigans. All he was doing was taking the kids for rides around the parking lot. All in all it was a good trip. Joey was able to do a lot of fishing, both with the boys and without. We got to meet inlaws we hadn't met before. The weekend was well planned out, but with that many people things took a bit longer than we thought. Most of the plans fell by the wayside and we spent lots of time at lakes relaxing and fishing.

Reunion Highlights:

* A very peaceful drive up to South Fork Colorado.

* Stopping to see the Cumbers and Toltec train yard with the boys.

* Sharing a cabin with Chuck and Rachel. We understand each others children.

* Feeling more comfortable with Joey's family than I ever have before. Really there is so much dysfunction there that it doesn't matter what they think of me.

* Watching Peter sing and act out A Toota Tata.

* Singing Christmas songs around the campfire.

* Joey taking care of me while I was sick (along with everyone else).

* Awesome Fathers' Day breakfast Alisha made. That girl can cook!

* Kenny's massive blow out on the way home not 30 minutes away from where we started. OK that wasn't so great, but it was the only one we had to deal with.

* Coming home to a clean house.

It is nice to be home.

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  1. Misty3:29 PM

    Sounds like you had a great time Lace! Want to get together soon?