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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My husband went to get water tonight. It is just a little place down the road, an outside purified pump that goes directly into a private well. They sell it cheap and the water tastes good. Usually you just drive up, get your water and leave. Rarely there is a line to wait in. Tonight there was a line...

First there was the couple, approximately my parents age, who couldn't keep their hands out of each others pants. Nice.

Then, Joey was next in line. While he was in the process of pulling Larry out of the car and letting him help fill the bottle with water another lady showed up.

Joey being the nice guy he is went along with her small talk. Their conversation turned to their plans for the evening. Joey stated that he was just planning on going home and having dinner. In reply she asked him if he wanted to "go to her house and eat a little more than dinner."

To this I say, "What the?!" She must have studied up on "One Liners for Dummies." Seriously! I have no problem with women hitting on attractive men, but please be a little more discreet, demure, or tactful. Joey actually gets hit on a lot and sometimes even when I'm around, he is just too nice to realize it.

I wasn't prepared for the intense jealousy I felt. I know Joey loves me and I don't need to worry, but he's mine. Thank goodness that he was never a womanizer. Even if we weren't together he has enough sense not to go home with just anyone who asks. Especially someone he's known for 5 minutes or less. What did she think he was going to say, "Uh ok. Let me get my water and pack my kid in the car. I guess he can play in the living room until were done"?

Is this seriously where the world is going?


  1. Oh my! Is that better than gay men giving me dirty looks while holding Jerry's hand?

  2. Hey Jenn thanks for commenting! I really appreciate the feedback. Poor Jerry! Still I think gay is better than a vulture...

  3. RaNell5:20 PM

    ok Lacey what's up as of late
    At least your trebles are comical!