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Friday, December 21, 2007

Is there anything more irritating...

than buying a car and having it brake down on the way home? I'm not even going to tell you how many times this has happened to us. Unfortunately, at this very moment Joey is stuck on the side of the road in Nowhere, Colorado instead of just a few measly miles from ABQ where I could at least try to help him. Would you like to hear the whole story?

Not long ago in a town not so far a way, there lived a family. For convenience we'll just call them the DeBucks. They were a happy family (as long as Father obtained a new motorized contraption every month and the yard was cleaned for Mother once or twice a year). In this particular story, the family takes a trip to Dallas to see some long lost family members, but that was only the beginning.

It was a wonderful trip. Dallas was full of life and excitement even though a key member of the family was often absent. As the DeBucks loaded the car and said their goodbyes they were optimistic about the drive home. Blissfully unaware of the evils that a waited them, they left singing and playing silly "stuck in the car" games. Alas the true nature of the beast that encompassed them sudden came to life (actually death) at the very first stoplight encountered. As Father DeBuck slowly rolled to a stop the car died. Mother DeBuck's eyes bore into him until she silently retreated into the sanctuary of her own mind. Over and over again she chanted, "Please let it start, please let it start." Her powers were too strong for the vile vehicle to resist and it sprang to life.

Eventually the DeBucks arrived home safely. Life returned to normal. Every once in a while the evil would rise in the car again, until finally Father DeBuck and Mother DeBuck decided to buy another. The lifestyle Father lived demanded the strength of a truck and so that is what they looked for. Car ad after car ad dashed their hope of ever being able to afford the kind of truck they needed (one that could seat the whole family, considering they would have to trade in The Evil One to get another car at all). Just as they started to hang their heads in defeat an email came- the most wonderful email! It contained a listing from craigslist. A truck for sale. All of the bells and whistles included at a price that even the DeBucks could afford.

Only one obstacle remained- this glorious vehicle lived in Denver 6 1/2 hours away. Determined to have it, they desperately sought some one who would accompany Father on the long journey. No one was available. Then Josh, a brave 14 year-old boy, stood up and said, "I will go." Off they drove in a dashing primer gray camero. Arriving much later than anticipated in the city called Denver, they imposed upon a relative to find a place for the weary travelers to sleep. They were not disappointed and were well rested early the next morning as they completed the transaction of purchasing The Truck. They drove home in haste, anxiously awaiting the best moment to show off the new acquisition. Each mile marker drew their attention. Each town passed, a small victory. First Denver, then Castle Rock, then Larkspur, then The Truck stopped.

To Be Continued...

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