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Monday, February 18, 2008

Its All Fun and Games

At our house it is all fun and games until some one starts to lose.

A few weeks ago I found Rage at Alco. I would have bought more than one deck and horded them, but there were only two and Jenn was with me. I decided to be nice and not tackle her and steal her deck. She was buying it for my brother after all. Rage is the game my family played growing up. My grandparents introduced it to us and addiction was soon to follow. Our gaming motto became, "All relationships stop at the Rage table." So true, so true... Sadly Fundex quit making the game for 10 or 15 years. Decks were almost impossible to get, selling for over $25 on Ebay for torn/worn out cards. Yeah, its that good. My Grandma has two decks that she promised Joey would inherit. He might have a fight on his hands if it ever comes down to it.

Last night Joey and I played it with the kids. Watching their confused expressions as our playful banter turned into all out nastiness, was entertaining in and of its self. Strategies don't work quite as well when there are only two players. I gave myself Mad Rages more often than I want to admit. In the end I prevailed. I won, I won! La la la la la la! The final score: Me 47 Joey 33! Neither of them the greatest scores in history, but I WON!

After the kids went to bed, we played Risk. We have history with this game also. Joey will never again (I hope) ali himself to a friend who is trying to take me out. We didn't speak for a week after that. Last night, I controlled over half the world when Joey decided to go and try to wipe me out. He did a pretty good job. I was not happy. 15 minutes of blatant massacre and then it was my turn. I returned the favor regaining control of my land and also some of his. Isn't it funny how the game is all good until the tide turns and you start to lose? Joey and I went back and forth whining like little babies and then gloating and talking smack. Finally after 3 hours (and me taking over the world again) a very grim Joey quit the game and made me go to bed. I don't think we've ever finished a game of Risk before. One of us always gets mad and gives up.

We played a game of Monopoly for over a week once, but that's another story....


  1. Ha ha! You crack me up with your competitiveness. I love it. I haven't ever played Risk or heard of Rage. Maybe I need to broaden my game horizons.

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