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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Good News/Bad News

The good news is:

Last night Joey went to Clovis to get my motorcycle. Yes, that's right...MY motorcycle. It even runs already. I'm very impressed. I think it needs some non-essential fixings, like a rim or handle bars or something. He's been riding it fine with what its got. I'm so excited to learn to ride this Spring! Joey said he can even lower it so that my feet actually touch the ground! Such innovative thinking...I wish we could apply it to the rest of the house. If my feet could only touch the floor when I sit on the couch now...ah wishful thinking. The bike is heavy so I'm going to have to work out so that I can lift it off of me when I fall. That is the rule for the boys. No riding until you can lift the bike. Maybe I'll take a picture or two of me on it. I don't have any current pictures of me anyway. Don't worry it won't be any "Motorcycle Magazine" type picture. I'm way too sexy for that.

The bad news:

Our water heater broke. Joey and Travis are at Wal-Mart right now buying parts for it. I'm sure it will be an all night affair. That will make two in a row for them. Travis went to Clovis with Joey and they didn't get back until 2 am -ish. Who knows how long the water heater will take. Joey decided that he wanted to rip out a wall and put a new access door to the heater closet. Not a bad idea if it wasn't already almost midnight. You should have heard them talking before they knew I was home from the store. They are delirious and using power tools. It should be an interesting night.

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  1. A motorcycle.... so fun!!! I can't wait to see the pictures.