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Thursday, March 20, 2008

All's well that ends well

Today was one of those know the kind where a mysterious beeping noise wakes the whole family at 5 am. That sets the tone for the rest of the day.

We didn't find the cause of the beeping. It eventually went away on its own. I suspect it is Taylor's watch alarm and the watch is somewhere in the depths of the toy box. Even I could get lost in there. Kenny didn't go back to sleep. I tried to make him lay in my bed. I just got stepped on and elbowed in the face for the next hour or so. The early morning passed in a grumpy, sleepy daze. The boys made it to school with seconds to spare.

My spirits started to rise walking into the gym. A tough workout always does my mood good. I lifted weights for 45 minutes..ah a sigh of relief! I could finally feel my body relaxing. Next I jumped on the elliptical only to realize I had a "not so unexpected visitor". Nice. Short break. Back on the elliptical but the phone rings. I answer sweetly, "Hello?," while thinking, "Urgh! Just leave me alone already!" Raul is out of meds and needs me to go get his prescription. I can do that...later. A few more steps to the machine. I'm almost there! The phone rings yet again. DeNae this time. Raul doesn't want to wait, he wants her to take time off of work to get his meds. Can I please hurry? Fine, I'll stop now, get the meds, take the kids out of school early and maybe get a break at home.

The receptionist rolls her eyes as I walk into the doctor's office. Umm, have I done something wrong? You don't even know why I'm here. I ask for the scripts and after she slowly peruses the prescription folder I'm told they aren't ready. Gripping a small child in each hand I try to call Raul. Of course furious, he asks me to confront the receptionist again. Sigh...ok I'll see what I can do. I ask to talk to the doctor. She is busy and I'll need to make an appointment to see her. Under Raul's direction I ask to speak to a Physician's Assistant. Again eyes roll and I feel evil vibes crash into me. The receptionist goes into the back room. I hear impatient whispers. Fifteen minutes later she returns with the desired scripts. Huh? What was so hard in the first place?

Off to get the kids from school. No problems there. I LOVE their teacher!

At Smith's I drop of the half dozen or so prescriptions. I wonder how long I'll have to drag 4 unruly boys around the store. Exactly 30 minutes. Not too bad all in all. We went to the bakery and got free cookies. That kept them busy for all of five minutes. Then up and down every aisle with screaming, pinching, rather happy children.

Take the meds to Raul and rehash the horror of the doctor's office.

Home. Finally.


Then rush back to DeNae's house to deliver Josh's birthday present. I bet you can't guess what it was. Yup a motorcycle. But he promised to work some of it off. Yeah! Free babysitting for a year! We were invited to stay for cake and ice cream and then we invited ourselves to stay for a movie.

Home again. Put the kids to bed. Posting.

All's well that ends well....


  1. Ugh! is right-sounds just a little hecktic....I guess you have to have days like that to appreciate the easy ones, right?

  2. Ugh! is right-sounds just a little hecktic....I guess you have to have days like that to appreciate the easy ones, right?