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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Larry's First Day of Kindergarten

Larry went to school for the first time yesterday. He was very excited and sat well at his table. I did catch a glimpse of the deer in the headlights looks as I walked out the door. At least I knew he still felt like he kinda needed me.

I LOVE this picture! I didn't pose them at all. Actually, I was trying to take a picture of Larry by himself and the other two stepped in at the last minute.

The boys both picked the exact same Batman backpack this year. I wouldn't let Larry wear it until yesterday. He felt so big!

Riding the bus was the other highlight of the day. The driver is very sweet. Both kids are upset that I don't let them ride in the morning. Really, there is no way I'm going to put my kids on the bus before 8 am when I can leave my house at 8:45 and still get them there myself before the bell rings. But they are welcome to ride the bus 45 minutes home if it pleases them.

Over all Larry only had one hiccup in his day. Before loading the bus to come home, they had to wait in line for something and it started to rain. He cried because he hates being in the rain. I got the story from Taylor. I hope he only whined and didn't have a full blown fit. I know what that boy is capable of. He still got a "gumball" (round sticker) in his "gumball machine"(xerox copy). That's the reward system his teacher set up, so he must not have been too bad.

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