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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taylor's first day of school

Here are pictures of Taylor's first day of school. He didn't need me there at all. He thinks he's too grown up for mommy. Not really, he loves me. Its just time for me to let him explore a bit more on his own. He wants to walk home from the bus with out me. My mom let us walk alone and didn't constantly check on us. I get scared though. Those are my babies. I would be devastated if anything happened too them.

This is his teacher Ms. Plante. They seem to get a long well. Taylor is doing very well with switching schools. He's academic performance is still below grade level. I'm hoping with his new glasses and the blessing Joey gave him, that he won't have any problem catching up. At the same time, going over his homework with him last night, I saw that what he is working on now is about the same as what he was doing for Kindergarten at Family School. There is a good chance that he isn't below grade level at all and only tests bad. That whole performance anxiety thing he (and all of us) have going on. At Family School he had words like Pueblo and Anasazi on his spelling (in Kindergarten) here he is spelling hide and side and slide. His teacher was very surprised that he writes in cursive already. I hope they allow him to continue. I think putting him back in regular school will help fill in the gaps that he had from Family School. I just hope they don't hold him back in the places he excelled in at Family School.

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  1. Uhhh... I think that was my first grade classroom. Weird!