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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just can't help myself

There is a new family in the ward. They seem nice enough. Tonight while dropping the kids off for Cub Scouts, I pulled into the parking lot right after the father. He looked over and gave me a friendly smile. Wanting to be nice I tried to smile back. Unfortunately, I was singing to the radio and unwilling to stop gave him a cross between my best rock star face and a sincere smile. I do believe I looked a bit like this:

I realized my mistake and attempted to wave. As I raised my hand I just couldn't help bustin' a move. Poor guy! I'm sure he felt more frightened than welcomed. Why must I be a slave to music?


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I jumped over to your blog from Jen's...I hope that's ok. I just had to tell you that YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!! I went back a read some of your blogs. I'm glad to read that things are going well at the new school. They are for us, too! I guess there really is life after Family School..hahahah
    Amber Oldham

  2. that's hilarious. i use to make fun of those people that would be singing at the top of their lungs and bustin a move in their i am one of THOSE and i don't give a hoot!!! i love it. you go girl. i say keep on.