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Friday, October 03, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

Last night I went to a Stake training meeting. Even though getting out the door to go to one more meeting is becoming a drudgery, once I'm there I'm glad I've gone and learn something worthwhile.

After the meeting was over I had this conversation with President Payne:

President Payne shaking my hand: "Make sure and tell Joey thank you for babysitting."
Me thinking: Why would Joey babysit for the Paynes?
Me: "Babysit? When did Joey babysit?"
President Payne: "You know, tonight so that you could come to our meeting."

Ah ha! I get it. When I'm home alone with the kids I'm parenting, mothering if you will. When Joey is home alone with the kids he is babysitting and there for deserves to be praised. I didn't hear him tell Jerry to go home and thank Jenn. Very interesting. It might work that way in some homes, but thankfully not in mine.

Joey is wonderful about keeping the kids. It doesn't matter if I go out with the girls several weekends in a row or if my calling takes me away from home more often than I'd like. Joey has NEVER complained about keeping the kids. I am so thankful for his support in anything I want to do. Hopefully I express that appreciation enough to him. I love the fact that he does it because he loves to be with the kids and not just because he knows I need a break. Often times he has plans to hang out with a friend and before I know it he loads all the kids up to go with him. What a blessing it is to see my husband (who never wanted to have kids) enjoy our family.


  1. urggg that is one of my BIG complaints about LDS men. The bishopric "encouraging" the men to take care of their kids so their wives can go to enrichment!!! UGH By the way..keep on writing

  2. I actually thought it was kinda funny. I had no idea what he was talking about. Joey and I just don't think of it that way.

  3. me neither... it kills me when people call it babysitting

  4. i didn't know that joey didn't want kids?! you probably said something before, i just forgot.