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Friday, October 03, 2008

Short on Cash

The boys' school has a student store. They sell school supplies and I'm guessing some of them have the school logo on them. Well this morning Taylor tells me he loves their pencils that sell for $1. That better be one FABULOUS pencil for me to pay a dollar for it. Taylor apparently wants one really bad. Larry, who has acquired some coins recently, offered them to Taylor. What a sweetie! So the two trotted into the living room to count out the coins. There wasn't enough money. Taylor came into the kitchen and flopped himself down in a chair dejectedly. I was about to give him the now lets see if you can come up with ideas of how to make money lecture. We've all had it. We've all given it. Before I started he looked up at me with a look that said it won't be pleasant but it might be the easiest and sighs, "Why don't you just take me to Uncle Peter (who is a dentist) and have him pull a tooth out. Then I'll have TWO dollars."

I cracked up! Out of all the things he could have thought to do! The most appropriate thing to him involved surgically removing a part of his body! Fortunately, he does have a tooth that needs pulled, so I'm not as worried as I might have been if he came up with this idea out of the blue.

Gas me up, pull it out, and fork over the money...