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Friday, November 07, 2008

Time to bite the bullet...

It's a bit early but I decided to pull out those good old maternity clothes...yep for those who didn't know: I AM PREGO! and thrilled about it. Well thrilled about having a baby anyway.

So I pulled out the clothes, but I can't bring myself to try them on yet. I still fit (snuggly) in my regular clothes. I don't think I'll fit the baby clothes yet. I'm right at that awkward nothings going to fit me right stage. I'll give it a few more weeks...or until I can't button my pants anymore.

Sorry clothes. Back into the closet you go!

I've been sick and looking at the computer makes it 100 times worse. I actually feel great today, just a bit tired. Ok really tired! If the good feelings continue maybe I'll get some more blogging done. Yippee!

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