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Monday, August 03, 2009

Its so hard to say goodbye

in more ways than one.

Yesterday was Joey's last day at home. Possibly forever (this home at least). We went to church where we bore rather incoherent testimonies. This ward has helped us in more ways then we can describe. The people of Edgewood Ward are amazing and that is why I decided to stay here instead of move with Joey.

After sacrament meeting, Joey and I found a ride for the kids then came home with the intention of finishing the last few things around the house Joey had on his "to do" list. Instead, we ended up sitting on the couch together not talking about anything in particular. The boys came home and Joey put them to work doing the things we had come home early to do.

Before we left for the hotel, Joey gave each of the boys blessings. Each time the kids receive blessings from Joey our family grows closer together. I am so thankful for the Priesthood. I already miss having it in my home. Joey and I were able to have blessings also. It is amazing how much they have helped. Normally when Joey is gone I am terrified at night, but I haven't been this time.

We got to the hotel about 5ish. The Hyatt is a very fancy, child unfriendly place. I was stressed out the whole time we were there. We brought the kids in their swimsuits so they could swim with Joey for the last time. Of course the pool was too deep for Kenny and I was paranoid about him jumping in. That kid is so fearless. He did try to jump several times.

Finally I couldn't take the pool any more. The Army gave Joey a meal ticket so the kids and I stayed to eat with him. The kids crawled all over, under, and around the tables making conversation with who ever happened to be sitting at them. We decided the kids and the hotel needed some time a part and headed to the airplane viewing area near the airport. That was fun. We watched the planes taxi in and out, then take off and land. One plane was so close we were blasted by the exhaust.

Eventually we had to head back to the hotel. Saying good bye was hard. Joey doesn't cry often, but had several times already yesterday. I hated watching him walk in the doors by himself.

On the way home Lilly started to cry...hard. She cried all the way from the airport to Zuzax where I realized I had Joey's wallet and had to turn around and go back. I had to let her cry all the way back to the hotel because military "quite time" was about to start. I had to get his wallet to him first or he wouldn't be able to get it. Back at the hotel I was able to hold her and calm her down. We said another tearful good bye and I headed home again. It wasn't five minutes into the drive that Lilly started to cry again. She cried all the way to Zuzax one more time. I felt so awful. Every once in a while Kenny just couldn't handle the noise any more and started to wail himself.

Finally I got the kids home and in bed. Sigh of relief. And I wasn't even scared to go to bed myself.

This morning Joey called to tell us he was allowed to have visitors to send him off at the airport. Again with out much time to spare we headed to the airport. Lilly was quite this time. YEAH! Joey met us at the gate and we spent another hour or so together. For the third time we said good bye and watched Joey go through doors where we couldn't follow him.

The boys wanted to look at the model airplane displays. Then going down the escalator Larry lost a flip flop. He sat down to put it back on. Kenny followed suit and sat down. Before I could use my free hand to get him back up, his shirt got stuck at the bottom where the stairs go back under. Nice. My 3 year old was stuck at the bottom of a crowded escalator. People started piling up behind him, being thrown into each other. It didn't take me long to realize his shirt was not going to unhook so I tore him free.

Joey called to say his plane would be the next down the runway. We hurried to get back to the car and over to the viewing area. We waited and waited and waited for the plane. Finally after 30 minutes we watched him fly away.

Last time I talked to him he was on a bus 45 minutes outside of Fort Sill where he will spend the next 9-10 weeks. We won't be able to talk for 2-3 of those weeks. We ARE going to make it through this. I'm just not sure how.


  1. You have been in my thoughts so much the last few days. I admire you both for making this hard choice for the benefit (in the long run) of your family. I know it takes guts and faith and hope, and I hope you will call if you need ANYTHING. I know you have family and lots of friends here, but I am ready and willing to do whatever you need, whenever.
    Lots of love to all of you!

  2. We are here for you Lacey. Anything... anytime.

  3. This is so sad. BUT you are totally right, you WILL get through it. Edgewood will take care of you, and soon this phase of life will feel forever away. Lots of hugs and love your way!

  4. I've been through this... if you need to talk you have a sympathetic ear in me...