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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Initial thoughts on Alabama/Military

Sweet Home Alabamie has:

1) huge spiders
2) rain without lightening
3) a wonderful, big house
4) four parks within walking distance
5) everything under the sun to do sans motorcycle accommodations
6) rains everyday (so we haven't tried out those great parks)
7) roads that change names every mile or so
8) everything at my fingertips

Ah Military life:

1) is worth being close to Joey
2) I miss freedom to plan a future
3) living with covenants on the home doesn't work well for my family
4) keeps me busy (conferences, classes, etc)
5) people are friendly and ready to help

I don't have any pictures of the house. My camera broke the first week I was here. I'll try to get something up tomorrow. Things are going well. For the most part we are happy here. The kids seem to finally be adjusting in school. Hopefully soon they will have friends. I like our new ward. The people seem friendly. I know it is hard for some people (like me) to open up and welcome new comers. Maybe I'll be better at it after this experience. We finally broke down and bought a temporary couch from a thrift store. I should have just brought what we had in Edgewood. It was nicer than what we have now, but hopefully with tax returns we can get what we really want. I wish someone could come visit. We feel so far away from everyone we love. We took out a few pictures to show to our friends tonight. I found myself looking at the house in the background more than the people in the photos. I love my house and want to show it to someone I know well. We have friends that live right up the road. Its been nice to hang out with them. Joey is already talking about leaving in a few months. It is making it hard to feel permanent here. I was starting to. It was starting to feel like home, but now it feels like a rest stop and I'm second guessing unpacking all my stuff. We have at least six more months here. We are still working on getting Lilly to grow. Yesterday they did some blood work, but we don't have any results yet. Kenny's EEG looked normal. They say his seizures are "situational". Sorry this is so jumbled. This is how my brain works now a days. Maybe I'll write more coherent tomorrow. Goodnight for now...


  1. So glad you updated! It's hard to move and change, but you never know what you'll find along the way. Good luck with all the health issues, sounds scary.

  2. Lacey,
    I hope you don't mind, but I found your blog from Jenn's. I haven't read it in a long while until today so I have lots of comments! This post shocked me because you mentioned huge spiders!!
    I have never seen spiders as big as the ones here in Edgewood, so I am really feeling for you! Take a picture sometime. Or maybe not, actually. Just kill it and run for your life!!!