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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Short update

Time seems to move swifter with each day. I'm not sure where it goes. My house is still a mess, I don't have a calling, nor hobbies, I'm really not on the computer much these days and I feel like my kids are not getting the attention they need. But I feel constantly busy and in a hurry.

Taylor and LARRY now have new glasses.

Lilly has a condition known as spherocytosis. Basically her red blood cells are too round and have a hard time fitting in tighter places in the body. This beats them up a bit and they have a shorter life span than other red blood cells. We have a meeting with a specialist in a few weeks and will find out more. There is a wide scale of severity and we have no idea where she falls on that scale.

Chuck (what a lifesaver!) is in the process of renting out our house to the CC sister missionaries. Yesterday he showed it to the Mission Office reps who made a recommendation to Salt Lake. We will hear in a few weeks whether or not our house was acceptable.

We have made some major purchases that will make our present house feel more like a home. After our living room set arrives I will finally hang pictures on the wall and our move in will be complete. Only 3 weeks to wait.

Kenny is not having seizures (YAY) he is have breath holding spells. When he is startled or afraid he involuntarily holds his breath until he passes out making jerking movements in the process. He should grow out of it fairly soon. Most kids do around 3-4 years of age.

Lilly is crawling!

Joey should be starting class in the next few weeks. Thank goodness. We were excited for him to be inactive because we thought he would be home more, but instead he had to sit around the office like a bump on a log for 9 hours a day. What a waste! Now in March he is supposed to move companies and we are hoping he will get a little more freedom afterward. After he starts classes we can kinda have an idea how much longer we will be here. Even planning 6 months in advance would be a blessing!


  1. my o my you are busy. and just the feeling of being unsettled can make a person feel busy. we will keep our fingers crossed for your NM house. and please keep us posted on lily. good news about kenny. and you need to post some pics with larry and his glasses. you are so patient.....and don't tell me you're not! love ya.

  2. Lacey,
    I hope you'll update when you know more as I am really praying for Lilly. I'm sorry to hear you've had so much going on, and it is always extra stressful with little ones to get things done. Sometimes I only have one goal for the whole day, and still don't get it done. May the Lord bless you all. We miss you guys.
    Sam used to pass out when he got too upset, and yes he did grow out of it, so I hope cute Kenny does soon! It was really scary at first when we didn't know as I'm sure you understand!