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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Living on Post

has become a challenge for us. Just another little bit of freedom we seem to have given up. Today we woke up to snow. A whole whopping 1/2 inch. Sigh. If we lived off post it would be no big deal. Wonderful even. Yay for snow. But we do live on post. A post that has closed its gates for much less worrisome weather. So the question this morning was "do we go to church and risk not being able to come home, or do we stay home when we really want to be at church?" In the end we stayed home. We haven't left the house so we don't know if post is closed or not.

We are not part time members and I have no intention of becoming one. All the experienced army wives I've talked to say this is the worst post they've lived on. We are debate on if we would ever live on post again. If they are all like this one that's a big negative! But if most are better than this maybe we would consider it again.

We miss owning our own place and doing what we want.

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