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Friday, August 20, 2010

New York!

Wow there is so much to write! So far we are enjoying New York very much.

We have a house on post and only had to live in a motel for 1 week. That is awesome considering we thought we'd be there for a whole month. Living in the motel was hard but definitely could have been worse. We spent a lot of time driving Joey around since we only have one car now. It gave us something to do. Lilly slept terrible there and still isn't on her regular schedule. Somedays she'll go right to sleep, other day we have a fight on our hands. THe worst part about her not sleeping is Joey and I have zero a lone time. Sigh.

Anyway back to the house. We qualify for a 5 bedroom home but one would become available until Octoberish...right when Joey leaves. We didn't want to get locked into a lease and not be able to move into the house when one was available so we opted to take a smaller, 3 bedroom, home to get us in faster. We were offered a home the same day we got on the 3 bedroom list. Lots of people told us to hold out for the 5 or 4 room list, but we are so happy to be in our own place. So our house is much smaller than the one we moved from, but the more we unpack, the more little nooks and crannies we find to put our stuff in. We seem to be fitting just fine other than the fact that Lilly's "room" really is a large storage closet. We don't plan on telling her We also live in a townhouse so we share a wall with the neighbors who happen to be smokers. The smoke has a way of sneaking inti our house as well. Yuck! Our windows are constantly open and that helps a lot.

This past week the weather turned much colder. The leaves are already changing colors. Its beautiful! We have both wild turkey and deer in the neighborhood. The deer will let you get close (20 or so feet) to them. We've counted 12 deer in the herd so far. Or seen that many all at once actually. I love it!

There are tons of things to do here. The closest being our community center which is half a block away. They have a skate park, splash park, BMX track, huge sandbox, outdoor play area, indoor play area, gym, and computer lab. It was my salvation while all of our stuff was still in storage. We literally spent full days there. We've also seen a War of 1812 reenactment and watched pirates take over a local town. Lots of fun and worth their own post!

The kids have friends in the neighborhood and spend most of their time outside. Thank goodness. I have time to unpack in peace.

Joey isn't finding the same kind of camaraderie here that he experienced both in Basic Training and AIT. We are hoping its just because he is new and that he'll be able to integrate well before he deploys. Most people either love it here or hate it. We plan on loving it! We'll see how we feel after the first winter.

Pictures and posts to come!


  1. sounds like you are settling in! can't wait for the pictures.

  2. Pirates take over.... I want to know more about that! And of course Pictures!

  3. Glad to hear from you guys!

  4. Hey Lacey,
    Do you mind if I copy the pictures of Edgewood from your blog? I love them and have a few of my own to add to it, and I wanted to print them out and give them to Megan Hasler as she leaves for college this week to remind her of Edgewood. You can respond either here or on my blog since I don't have your email! I'll tell her they are from you too :) She's been doing the music with me in primary since I had the baby. Thanks!