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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little bit more

So once again more time has elapsed between posts then I thought would. Time seems to move so fast! I hardly know where my days go. This is a rather stressful time for me.

I chose to home school the kids this year. We've had good days and we've had bad days. Most of the bad days were do to my lack of organizational skills and to the fact that my in general have a phobia/allergy to anything work related. In their minds home schooling was supposes to be one big recess. Actually they have done rather well. Mostly we are doing reviews of work they did last year in public school. I want to make sure they don't have any learning gaps. Reviewing has been pretty easy and things are moving quickly. Hopefully they continue well as I introduce new things to them. The plan was to take lots of field trips and do a lot of hands on things, but Joey has the car most days. The days I have the car, I have to run errands. I am loving having the kids home. Especially when I see the kids in the neighborhood leaving for the bus at 7 am and getting home at 4:30. What a waste of time that bus ride is.

So far the kids have studied, typing, Spanish, English/grammar, penmanship, math, art, music, PE, and history. I still have a couple of books coming in the mail so we should be starting Science here pretty soon. I'm hoping to get on a fairly regular schedule so the kids always know what is expected of them. We scrapped Math for today. The kids did an excellent, excellent job on their work this morning and I'm not feeling into teaching a new concept today. I think they finally are understanding that if they do what I ask right away, then they have much more playtime during the day. I still have high hopes that this is going to be the best thing for us. Even though I hide myself in the bathroom just to have time alone sometimes. Sometimes I need time to think without any outside noises. Kenny loves to sit next to us and do his school work. Lots of cutting, pasting, and coloring for him. He is so proud of his work.

Tuesday Joey got orders to Afghanistan. He will be "in theatre" or on forgein soil before November 1st. I thought mentally I was prepared for this. We've known for a long time that October was when he'd probably leave. Now it seems to close, to real. We've been to briefings to learn all the Army protocol for notifying families of casualties and stuff. We've seen pictures of the building he'll be living in. We've learned about the culture and the weather and the dangers. I'm proud of his decision to serve our country, the greatest country in the world. I'm proud that he is willing to put his life in danger to stand up for what he believes in. I'm proud that he chose to challenge himself. I'm proud to be his wife and be here supporting him. But I'm going to miss him like crazy. Kenny never misses a chance to tell Joey how much he'll be missed when he "..'ploys". I'd rather him go sooner that later though. The younger the kids are the easier they'll handle it.

Our ward here is interesting. We are a military ward, so at any given time approximately half the priesthood holders are deployed. Our Bishop is in Iraq right now. I'm not sure when he'll be back. Our Elders' Quorum Presidency was just reorganized and our high councilman was teasing that in high counsel meeting the Stake President announced that we need a new we do every month. LOL. I don't know, we haven't been here that long yet. Here they don't read in the names of new families in Sacrament meeting. That would take up too much time every week. A week or two ago a man I'd never seen before came up to me after Sacrament meeting. He knew my name and situation and was asking how we are doing. I didn't know anyone knew my name. We talked a little bit. Last Sunday I realized he is in the Bishopric. So much of the ward is new at any given time that everyone just assumes whoever they are talking to is new and so no one is very shy. If everyone waited for others to come talk to them no one would talk to anyone. The two people I've talked to the most are planning on moving back home with their families when their husbands deploy in October. So it will be back to the friendship drawing board for me.

The weather is wet and colder now. The kids are excited about the prospects of huge amounts of snow. I think they won't have to wait too much longer for it. I'm ready for lots of hot cocoa and soups. I wouldn't mind hunkering down for the winter. Give me a good book and some hibernation and I'll be all good.

I miss everyone at home. I'm glad I have facebook so at least I read status updates. They don't give a very accurate idea of how everyone is really doing though. I'm going to try to start making phone calls soon. My home phone line will be installed in a few weeks. That will make it easier. I hate feeling out of touch with everyone I care about. I still miss the faces of Edgewood Ward even those who were just acquaintances. I don't want to lose touch. I think of everyone often.


  1. Wow Lacey! You are a brave women! I hope all goes well with Joey's deployment. We'll keep you guys in our prayers. Love, Ashlee

  2. Hey! I was really glad to read your honest post! Homeschooling is hard yet I don't think you'll regret it. Especially hearing about how long those kids would be gone (7am-4:30!!!). You really have to fight to have your family near you these days, and I think the world is going to be hard enough that it will be a blessing for our kids to look back on the good childhood memories they had. It doesn't matter if they are the smartest or whatever, what matters is being together. My kids are doing great in homeschool this year, but I was not near as prepared as I thought I was at the beginning of the year. I had studied and selected the curriculum I wanted and planned everything out, but that is a lot different from actually opening the books to lesson one and doing it!! You find out things aren't working one way, so you adjust and do your best. I'll probably blog my schedule now that it is getting fully worked out after some trial and error. But hey, they learn from that too!