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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Would it be awful if we skipped homeschool today? Don't answer that... its just not going to get done today. At least not all of it.

Joey had a PT test this morning. Oh the stress PT tests cause this family! Joey hasn't passed one since moving here to NY. He believes he has anterior compartment syndrome. Which seems to be pretty common in the military. To make matters worse he's been doing 2 PT sessions everyday (required) because he didn't pass his PT test. Each session includes 5-6 mile runs, hundreds (literally) of burpees, a mile of iron mikes, push ups, sit ups, and whatever else the seargent sees fit to torture them with.

Anyway, any kind of PT that involves his legs causes him a huge amount of pain. Usually he needs pain meds and a soak in an extremely hot bath to take the edge off. Often he has difficulty walking. His legs are also sore to the touch. Not really a great way to spend life. But now that he's passed his test he only has to do one of those PT sessions! YAY! He can go to sick call to take care of his legs too! If he had gone to sick call before passing his PT test and gotten on profile (a doctor's note saying he doesn't have to run) he wouldn't have been allowed to take the test. He would have been stuck on "special pops" (the second PT session) until his profile was up. The profile would run out while he is in Afganistan. Then he'd have to take his PT test there at 5000ft altitude instead of here at 600ft altitude. His passing is a HUGE relief!

My visiting teacher came today. I love when I get visited. Its pretty much my only social time. LOL. She stayed for an hour and a half, which was lots of fun for me, but not very productive for homeschool. Now we've finished lunch. I've set the kids to doing the school work that I am least involved in. After this short blogging break I should feel refreshed enough to actually spend some time teaching them.

Maybe we will get work done today!

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