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Monday, October 04, 2010

Punkin Carving!

I always forget I have to upload my pictures backwards! Here are the finished products. As if the kids weren't having enough fun with sharp knives already, Joey pulled out the extra large drill bit. Turned out pretty cool.

Always the entertainer! Joey looks like a mideval minstrel or court jester to me. That's my punkin head...

Kenny giving his pumpkin a little kiss. He did most of the work himself after we encouraged him to put down the knife and pick up the sharpie.

Yum...punkin guts!

Lillia was so proud of herself. Her whole arm was swallowed when she reached in to scoop out the goobers.

Most of the fam (and Kenny's head) hard at work. All in all it was good times. Too bad I woke up the next morning and realized I was out of eggs. I couldn't make the pumpkin pie I'd been dreaming of all night.

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