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Monday, October 04, 2010

Taylor's Birthday

This is what Taylor wanted for his "cake". I explained to him that when I ask him what cake he wanted for his birthday what I really was asking is what dessert he wanted. That opened up all kinds of possibilities for him. He decided on ice cream sandwiches made from Dad's home made chocolate chip cookies. They were huge. I don't think anyone finished what was given to them.

Taylor had a terrible time deciding what he wanted for his birthday. For months he worked himself into tears because he wanted so many things and couldn't pick just one. Not because he thought we were mean for not buying everything for him, nor out of greed, but the choice was too much for him to bare. What he wanted most, he was sure we wouldn't or couldn't get for him. An electric guitar. But we found a shop in town that sells used instruments as well as new. We walked in and Joey helped him try each guitar out so that he could get the one he really wanted. This is what he chose. Everyday he thanks us. He tells me how happy he is with the choice he made. I love it. Next month he will start lessons. And I will let him play as much as he wants...with out the amp.

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  1. What awesome parents you guys are! Taylor looks so good, and so much older. What a sweetheart.