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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

What an awesome weekend we had! I needed it so badly. Mostly the hanging out with good friends and lots of hard belly laughs. Buying cheap scrap supplies was just icing on the cake.

Significant happenings of our trip:

5 of us piling into Michelle's car half an hour later than planned.

Stopping at Walmart to take a pee and, of course, buy candy.

Spending a few hours carbeque-ing on the side of the highway. (more details coming as the adrenalin wears off)

Riding in the back of a police car. Man is that uncomfortable and you can't even open your own doors either!

Refugee-ing to the Petrified National Forrest.

Playing "Find the Pee Bottle".

Eating at the famous Frizzolie's.

Stopping for directions. Namely from a barricaded police officer, a turban wearing sales clerk, a burley construction worker, a small Hispanic teen, and a helpful scrapper. Each inquiry was for a separate destination. Thank goodness for Circle K.

Going to bed at 3 am every night and up at 6 every morning.

Spending 6 hours in classes that all taught me the exact same thing.

Spending even more hours perusing the vendor fair and taking advantage of all the free stuff!

Creating a race track out of the hotel stairways.

Eating at the even more famous In-N-Out Burger.

Misty not happy that I was driving and talking on the phone while speeding down a steep hill.

Creating porn names.

Refugee-ing to the Flagstaff Airport.

Making fun of Chesley.

Getting home at 3 am.

Kissing my sleeping children.

Crawling into bed next to my husband.

For more info please see Meow-meow, Princess, and Blaze.


  1. Love ya Lace! Truly an amazing trip in all respects. I love your pee bottle link. Oh, it was Fazzoli's. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Sounds like you ladies had a good time, except for the mishap. Tell michelle I am so sorry. I hope everything turns out ok. Hey what is your email adress so tha way we can email eachother.

  3. We did have a wonderful time didn't we. I wouldn't want to carbeque with anyone else than my dear friends. Don't worry, we'll be laughing about this-I am almost there. I think we should all have a copy of the pic of us in front of the burnt offering hanging up in our homes- I know I will! Love ya.