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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So we had Taylor's eye appointment today. After 3 hours, it turns out that he is not nearly blind, he does not have two crossed eyes, and his depth perception is fine. What he does have is astigmatism, which can eventually be correct by lasik surgery if he chose. At this point he will be wearing glasses. His vision is 20/40 with glasses compared to the other doctor's 20/80. I took him to pick out the frames. That boy knows what he likes. It took 30 minutes for him to find a pair that he liked well enough to buy. He is soo excited to have glasses and he looks good in them. I gotta tell you, he's got good taste. Next week I'll have pictures for you!

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  1. Oh Lacey I know what is like to have one glassed Kadin wheres glasses and he think they are so cool. So how is the family. We are doing great other than roasting every single day. Bud still works for walmart and I work for Jc Penneys. YOur kiddos are so cute. I hope you had a good time at the scrapebook convention. I was wondering have you heard from sarah davenport in a while I was just curious as to how she was doing. How is Krystal I hope everything is going ok. Hope to hear from you soon!