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Monday, September 17, 2007


I spent yesterday recouping from our trip to Phoenix. I slept till 11 and then spent time enjoying my family. In the afternoon we went out side for an hour or so. I loved watching how wonderfully Joey interacts with the kids and how much my kids love each other. As a sat by myself smelling the neighbor's BBQ and watching my family, I heard a sound that stopped my heart. A fire alarm. I was terrified in light of the recent carbeque ( see Meow-Meow, Princess, and Blaze for more details) and other reasons. It sounded like it was coming from inside my house. I screamed to Joey and began running into the house. Luckily it was the neighbor's alarm going off because of his BBQ. Most people turn them off when it goes off and there is no danger. He left his going for a good 15 minutes. Sitting and thinking how this weekend could have not only changed my life but also the lives of my family and friends forever is exhausting. I am glad I was able to rest yesterday before coming back to reality today.

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  1. Scary indeed. Heard about the snake. Was that equally scary for you? Oh, Trav just said it was small.Okay, getting more info on Joey sleeping with snakes....HOLY CROW!!!