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Thursday, January 31, 2008

High of 42!

WooHoo! Tomorrow's high is supposed to get up to 42! Maybe my pipes will thaw and I'll have cold water again! I love hot showers, but its been a little ridiculous....

It never seems like winter until the pipes start to freeze. Usually around noon the temp get high enough that they thaw on their own. No such luck this week.

Tuesday the pipes froze. I just wanted a nice calming bath and didn't want to wait for the Great Thaw, so I turned the heater way up. An hour later not only did the tub still not have water, but the sink didn't either. Something was NOT right. So I checked under the house. The main pipe coming into the house had broke! After spending half an hour with the water company's automated telephone service (ie No! Yes! I WANT TO TALK TO A REPRESENTATIVE!), I finally talked to a real person who told me she "didn't know when the guy could turn my water off. He would work me into his schedule". Nice. Luckily the water was turned off before Joey got home from work a mere hour later. It didn't take him long to fix it and turn the water back on. Just my luck, I had left the faucets on with the plug in the sink and flooded the bathroom. We had a space heater on the floor. Thank goodness it didn't make all the water on the floor electric. I let Joey test that.

I'm still waiting for that bath....

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