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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Need Help!

My skin is incredibly dry! It doesn't matter how much lotion I put on it just seems to get worse. I've heard you shouldn't use lotions with lanolin or alcohol in it, but everything I own has them. Even my body butter isn't helping. What is your favorite moisturizer? Where do I get it?


  1. Ummm, you should get your thyroid checked! HaH! Just kidding. I use aveeno, the natural one, on Tessa for her excema.
    Hey, I just wanna say rock on for losing 10 lbs too!!!!!!!!! Awesome girl.

  2. I have super dry skin too and I just recently found Neutrogena face moisturizer with 30 spf sunscreen... if you want to try it I'll get you the official name.

  3. I have a couple recommendations, Carly's skin is super dry too. First, avoid using bar soap in the shower/bath. If you absolutely have to have a soapy shower then go for a body wash for dry skin. Soap just strips away all the good oil in your skin. Also, put a pot of water on the stove to simmer really low. You can add cinnamon or something to make your house smell good too if you want. Last, drink lots of something. Of course water is best but lets be honest, it just doesn't taste good. Have something to drink all day and put ice in it. Worse comes to worse, look for a lotion that is aimed at African American will usually be thicker in consistency but can't be beat for helping get rid of dry skin.