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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I just have little things to blog about...not enough to give each its own post. Here's a run down on the goings on....

Joey and I performed in our ward's roadshow. It was so much fun! My only part involved me making eyes at my brother and begging him for a kiss. I figured that was slightly less embarrassing than giving my attention to the other married man or the 14 year old boys on stage with him. Thanks Jenn and Julie for making it not only entertaining, but also simple. I love that our basic ward motto is "less is more." That comes straight from our leadership. It takes so much pressure off.

Monday night was a perfect night. For the first time in months the wind didn't blow. Hooray! We had our normal 15 minute Family Home Evening then went out side for activity. We took the opportunity to clean up our yard. April seems to be a big cleaning month for our family. Usually (in windless years) we are out in the yard every night. We work for 30 or 45 minutes and then work turns to play. Taylor rode his motorcycle, Larry rode his bike, Kenny buried himself in sand, Joey and I planned landscaping and such. I LOVE summer nights. The whole family together having fun, getting along. I can't wait for more nights like this.

We still don't know what is going on with the house. The mortgage co says we should know Friday. That's what they said last week to though. Sigh. I'm not very patient. Time is running out. Joey and I measured the house tonight to see if it will fit down all the roads it needs to. I think it will be close but should work. We could be in a new house by the time school starts! I go from excitement to terror and back again.

Today I'm happy (but still embarrassed) to report that I crossed the line from being obese to overweight on the BMI chart. Only 25 pounds to a healthy weight for me. Sometimes it feels like it will take forever. These last two pounds have been killers. It has only been 3 months though.

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  1. Yay for you, weightloss is NEVER easy. Unfortunately I'm on the upswing of thing- pregnancy kinda stinks that way!

    What is going on with your house?? I think you should write a post to clarify, cuz I'm totally confused.