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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In light of this visit, I changed Taylor's eye doctor. Our first trip to the new doctor helped me feel better about my parenting skills, but we found out Taylor has a serious astigmatism; not necessarily good news.

Yesterday we went for his second visit to the new doc. Again I was concerned what the out come would be. I'm not very strict about Taylor wearing his glasses all the time. I let him choose when to wear them or not 'cause I figure he knows when he can see and when he can't. I was anticipating the doctor being upset that I don't make him wear the glasses. Lucky me! I didn't get yelled at!

It is very rare for astigmatisms to correct themselves. BUT that is exactly what Taylor's is doing! His prescription this time is half the strength of his last one. The doctor said that is probably why Taylor hasn't been wearing the glasses. He expects Taylor to grow out of glasses all together. I was worried listening to the doctor and nurse talking about how different his vision is. They checked it 3 times with 3 different people doing the exam. I was such a relief that he made a change for the better!


  1. Yea Tay! Although Jakob will be disappointed he really loves glasses and wants to get his own...he thinks Taylor is so cool because he gets to wear them. Smiles.

  2. Wow, that is good news!