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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our house

is a very, very, very fine house. Unfortunately, I only have picture of the outside for now. My camera broke right after I got here and I was waiting to make the house "my own" before taking pictures of the inside. Now I'm trying to figure out how to take still pics with my Flip. This is what it looked like before the tornado. I have men on my roof as we speak banging and clanging to get it back to this state. I can't wait until spring when the grass will be green! We've definitely had enough rain for that. I'd like to paint. Right now everything is so white it doesn't feel like me at all.

It looks like we will be here at least until August. Joey is currently "inactive" which means he isn't in class. There aren't enough instructors to keep the class going all the time so he has to wait until the next class opens up. That will probably be March. Then we have 20 weeks of school after that. I have no idea if we will get transferred right away or if it will be a few months. We were hoping he could spend his days at home while on inactive status, but instead he gets to sit in a big room with lots of other inactives waiting for the sergeant to need someone to run errands for him. Not fun. Another soldier tried to steal some stuff and is now in jail. All inactives have to take turns "watching" him. That doesn't sound like fun either.

The sun came out for a few hours yesterday and it was warm enough to take the kids to the park. It was glorious! I met a few other moms on my street. Yay for having people to talk to. I have another friend I spend quite a bit of time with too. We trade babysitting and hang out a lot. What a life saver she has been!


  1. I love that house. It looks so quaint! So sad about Lillyann. We'll keep you guys in our prayers.

  2. Wow! I miss grass and parks within walking distance! I hope things go well for you and the boys! Love the house!