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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miss Lillyann

Just a quick update. We still don't know much yet. Lilly's first round of blood test came back abnormal. We are waiting for the results of her second set of tests. So far we know that her liver is leaking enzyms into her blood stream and that her red blood count is low. It must not be too, too serious because they didn't rush her to the hospital and there doesn't seem to be a rush on her test results. We do have her on vitamins. Yuck. And I have to try and supplement my nursing with formula, but anyone who's ever tried to give her a bottle before knows how well that is going (not very). I give it to her in a sippy cup. She seems to like the feel of it in her mouth but instead of swallowing she spits it out all down her girl. Somedays she eats jars of baby food well. Somedays I have to pin her down and shove it in her mouth when she opens wide to scream. We've got to get some nutrients in her is mostly what the doctors are saying now. She still only weighs 12 lbs. She is meeting all of her developemently milestones though. I'm waiting for the doctor to tell me to start worrying. Until then I'm just doing the best I can and loving her every single minute!


  1. We're praying for her and your family. It sounds like you're doing what's right. Just follow your mama instincts Lace. We love you and miss you. I hope that maybe next summer we can take a road trip up to see my mama. I'm thinking of taking a month to do it. Maybe you'll still be close or somewhere we can visit. Just keep us posted. Hugs. Great house btw. You have a GARAGE!!!!

  2. Hey guys,
    I am so sorry to hear about miss Lillyann. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers, and please update as you can so we can know how she is! As someone who always had trouble getting my kids to gain weight in the beginning, I know how frustrating the bottle thing is (mine won't take it either), and trying to get her to eat, poor girl! We'll pray she sustains an appetite and be all better. Miss you guys...